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Remaining neutral in Russian-Ukrainian conflict, not imposing sanctions on Russia right policy


Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has stated that remaining neutral in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, not imposing sanctions on Russia and not siding with the West against anyone is the right policy nowadays.

Dodik explains that Srpska views the conflict in Ukraine as two nations close to the Serbs at war, stating that the trick of the West is the concept that “whoever rules Eurasia will rule the world” and the desire that everyone is in a process of a general attack on Russia.

“As president, I have to think in a different way. That conflict will one day be a historical sequence. What is dominant in our relations is that we have not had any problems with the Russians. Russia as a global power remains structured within the UN, remains a member of the Security Council and if I say: `Let’s impose sanctions on Russia,` then we would be in the position of permanently losing a friend,” Dodik emphasized.

He has pointed out that Europe has not measured its place and role at the moment and that it is the biggest sufferer of everything that is happening on a global level, because it receives expensive energy sources, loses jobs and cannot cope “with the big players”.

Speaking about whether the requests by MEPs for imposing sanctions on him will reduce his negotiating position, Dodik told RTRS last night that no law or regulation would be passed in BiH that deviates from the BiH Constitution and the Srpska interests.

According to him, Europe is definitely in a miserable state, it has lost its strength, it has no leaders, it has no concept, and it has the urge to fight against something, which is some new imagination, because it has not measured the right goals.

He says it remains to be seen whether the EU will survive as a political organization.

Dodik believes that granting BiH candidate status for EU membership without criteria represents the collapse of those criteria, and reminds that we “have struggled” with the fulfillment of this or that criterion for 15 years they.


Source: srna.rs


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