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Renewable energy feasibility study to begin in Sokolac


The municipality of Sokolac signed an agreement with the English company “Hydro Power Energy” for a feasibility study of the municipality’s energy sources.

The research will be conducted on the riverbed of Biostice and the water system of Sokolac. The Mayor of Sokolac, Milovan Bjelica, said that the construction of small hydropower plants of up to 250 kilowatts is important to the municipality, while the feasibility study is required to demonstrate whether large hydroelectric plants can be built in this area.

Bjelica added that the competent institutions of Srpska will be acquainted with this project, without whom it can’t be realized.

The study is due to begin soon and if hydro potential is perceived than hydro plants will be constructed, said the Director of “Hydro power energy” in Srpska, Branislav Santrac.



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