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Republika Srpska entity raises pensions by 2 percent


July pensions in Republika Srpska (RS) will rise by two percent, the entity Prime Minister Radovan Viskovic said, Tuesday.

This unplanned increase of July pensions was the result of entity Finance Ministry’s expected revenue growth in the Budget, Viskovic noted, adding that this will be their practice in the future.

Speaking at the RS Pensioners’ Association session, the Prime Minister recalled that they had already raised pensions by 2.17 percent, in January this year.

He said that pensions in this semi-autonomous entity were lower than pensions in the region and Bosnia’s other semi-autonomous entity, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) because their retirement system took in a large number of beneficiaries who did not fulfil all the conditions for retirement.

The average pension in this part of Bosnia is 375 marks (around €191), while the FBiH’s average pension is 419 marks (some €209).


Source: N1


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