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Republika Srpska prepares for the South Stream

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The adoption of a special law on the “South Stream” by the National Assembly of Republika Srpska will ensure the implementation of the project without delay.

Acting Director of “Gas -Res”, Slobodan Puhalac, pointed out that Republika Srpska should follow the example set by Serbia in implementing the project and added that the key point for Srpska is the establishment of a joint company between “Gas- Res” and “Gazprom”, which is expected to happen early next year. The new company should consist 60% of Gazprom and 40% of Gas-Res.

When questioned about Sarajevo’s attitude towards the project, Puhalac stressed that it is in the best interest of BH for the project to be carried out, adding that Sarajevo will warm up after BH receives a visit from Gazprom’s delegation.

The director of “Srbijagas”, Dusan Bajatovic, said that Serbia according to the agreement on special parallel relations has every right to help Srpska in this project, which it intends to do free of charge.

According to him, it was earlier agreed that the pipeline would pass through Srpska, but that talks are underway for a significant increase in the length of the branch.

Bajatovic added that Srpska now has to sign a bilateral agreement with Russia and that it must clear up the agreement on environmental issues, paying full respect to the Federation of BH.

He reiterated that it is important for Srpska to sign the intergovernmental agreement because it “frees” the straight coming from Hungary. The more interconnections Srpska has, the better the offers are.

Deputy Minister of Industry, Energy and Mines of Republika Srpska, Milan Bastinac, said that Srpska is grateful for the support received from the Serbia and stressed that “Gas-Res” and “Srbijagas” have an excellent cooperation.

He added that an opportunity to be a part of a mega project must not be missed.


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