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Republika Srpska to UN Sec. Council: Implement the BiH Constitution as it is written!


The Republika Srpska Government adopted the 22nd Report to the United Nations Security Council, which has been submitted by Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković on behalf of Republika Srpska, as a signatory to all annexes of the Dayton Peace Agreement, to the UN Secretary-General and the Security Council member states.

A statement released by the Republika Srpska Government’s Public Relations Bureau reads that the 22nd Report refers to the period from May 2018 to October this year, in which, likewise in its previous reports, the Government expresses its views on key issues and problems that BiH has been facing, with aim to clarify its viewpoints to the members of the Security Council and the international community.

The first part of the Report highlights Republika Srpska’s commitment to the Dayton Peace Agreement and explains why the BiH structure established by the Constitution of BiH /Annex 4 of the Dayton Accords/ must be respected by all parties and the international community.

“Republika Srpska is convinced that the Dayton formula is a path to success. Unfortunately, certain elements of the international community do not understand the importance of it and do not respect the Dayton principles for BiH’s future stability and success, thus continue to undermine the Dayton system, which is leading to unnecessary political friction and deadlocks,” reads the Report, adding that the Dayton Peace Agreement was exposed to the attacks by the largest Bosniak party in BiH – the SDA.

In contrast to the above mentioned, the Report emphasizes, Republika Srpska unreservedly accepts the Dayton Peace Agreement, only demanding the implementation of the BiH Constitution as it is written.

Republika Srpska emphasizes in the second part of the document its commitment to work towards BiH’s eventual EU membership.

“Republika Srpska has already made significant progress on the reforms required for European integration and continues to be committed to BiH’s accession to the EU. It is regrettable that BiH’s progress towards EU membership is hindered by the presence of the High Representative, who has assumed dictatorial powers, as well as by the blockade of the implementation of the 2018 elections results done by the SDA,” reads the 22nd Srpska Government’s Report.

Republika Srpska is confident that once these obstacles are removed, BiH will be able to meet the criteria for EU membership, following the Dayton framework.

According to the Republika Srpska Government’s Public Relations Bureau, the third part of this document is about the continued blockade of the formation of the Council of Ministers and authorities at other levels by the SDA since the 2018 elections.

The Report reads that Republika Srpska urges the international community to condemn such disrespect and failure to implement the results of democratic elections, thus calls on the citizens and members of the international community who care about BiH’s future to condemn the extremist declaration adopted by the SDA on September 14 this year calling for toppling the Dayton Accords.

Source: srna


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