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Republika Srpska will definitely not be destroyed

Milorad Dodik: - Republika Srpska is recognized and accepted even among those who dislike it and believe that it is not just it exists at all.

 President Milorad Dodik has said that Republika Srpska will definitely not be destroyed because it is not dependent on the people who enjoy support in trying to form some other approach. He noted that Republika Srpska seemed the most united in the period when the SNSD came to power both in the entity and at the BiH state level.“We were an unavoidable factor and probably annoyed someone in the Federation of BiH. They were simply unable to resolve internal animosities between the Bosniaks, and also between the Bosniaks and the Croats who appeared continually,” Dodik told OBN television channel.

It was logical, he said, by the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) leader, Bakir Izetbegovic, who wanted to destabilise the other side, to do what he did together with the Alliance for Change.

“I thank that in the long term, he has done the most damage to himself and that this kind of behaviour of the ‘so-called’ with Izetbetovic will lead to a further loss of faith in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a possibility of strengthening the country in any way because the abuse of the ‘so-called’ by Izetbegovic is increasingly visible,” emphasised Dodik.

He submits that the basic error of the Bosniaks is that they reject the real and relevant position of Republika Srpska and the Serbs, which they have according to the Constitution and the Dayton Peace Agreement, and instead give support to those who should behave differently in the future.

He claims there is an illusion of some inter-Bosniak unity but that the Bosniaks have actually gotten involved in internal and other animosities and that this will come to light in the future.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that the most active role concerning Fahrudin Radoncic /the leader of the Party for Better BiH, SBB/ was played, on behalf of Izetbegovic, by the so-called Alliance for Change – the Serbian Democratic Party and Party of Democratic Progress – who tried or naively believed they should open something up in the Federation so that that would be a sufficient counterpart to doing something in Republika Srpska. In this case, Radoncic is collateral damage of the attempts of the co-called security services from the so-called Alliance for Change to demonstrate their commitment to justice,” said Dodik.

In his opinion, the whole scene is totally politicised and all of a sudden, the talk of trade in influence has been introduced to the legal and political stage.

Commenting on BiH’s future, Dodik said that the country could survive only if it respected the Dayton principles, and that the Constitution and Dayton Agreement were the basis for any kind of agreement, which cannot be based on an ultimatum that meant exclusivity.

“The Bosniaks are increasingly losing the foreigners’ support for their political aspirations for BiH as a centralised, unitary state. Even Turkey is no longer as strong as it was a year ago. If they cannot find the political sense and political need within their own ranks to agree with the Serbs and the Croats, it will inevitably lead to a disintegration of Bosnia and Herzegovina no matter how horrible this may sound to people,” concluded Dodik.

He said that the Bosniaks, who aspire to have the highest responsibility, should well understand the time that comes, or else they will go through the same thing that the Serbs did in the former Yugoslavia – they will lose the country they thought they should live in.

Source: SRNA


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