Home Politics Resistance to arbitrariness and revision of Dayton Agreement began in 2007

Resistance to arbitrariness and revision of Dayton Agreement began in 2007


On December 11, 2007, the Republika Srpska National Assembly adopted a resolution stating that conditions were created to completely abolish the Bonne powers of the high representative.

Srpska thus announced a fierce resistance to the OHR which from the interpreter of the Dayton Peace Agreement became an institution that was changing it or shaping it in keeping with the desires of the Bosniak authorities in Sarajevo.

From 1997 until 2012, high representatives imposed even 899 decisions and dismissed politicians /mostly from Republika Srpska/.

Briton Paddy Ashdown arbitrarily /ab/used the BiH Constitution and laws the most. During his term, from 2002 until 2006, he imposed even 430 decisions and dismissed 59 officials from Republika Srpska.

He even banned many of them from doing other jobs, and he seized property from people without any legal proof or authority to do so.

Carlos Westendorp imposed 80 decisions. In 1999, he dismissed elected Republika Srpska President Nikola Poplašen.

Wolfgang Petritsch /ab/used his authority even 242 times and Christian Schwartz-Schilling 66 times.

Miroslav Lajcak interfered with the BiH Constitution and laws the least, “only” 30 times.

High Representative Valentin Inzko on several occasions announced a possibility for him as well to /ab/use the powers, but he did it mostly symbolically, as a consequence of fierce political resistance from Republika Srpska in recent years.


Source: srna


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