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Revenue from tourism reaches a billion KM


Revenue from tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina last year reached about a billion KM, tourism workers estimate.

Although a precise amount will be calculated only in coming weeks, it is expected that it will reach a ten digit number, because, according to official figures, tourists in B&H spent 806.5 million KM in nine months.

Of course, this is not pure profit, because it is necessary to subtract expenses, and yet no one dares to draw the line and to announce how much money was made.

The Tourist Organization of RS (RS TO) said that, according to data of the State Institute for Statistics, in the groups of services such as food, drinks and accommodation, the turnover last year was about 118.6 million KM.

In 2012 the turnover for the mentioned services was about 111.5 million KM; hence there was a 6% increase in revenues.

Tourism workers in the RS are glad that there has been a constant increase in the number of tourist arrivals and overnight stays in the RS in the last few years.

According to the Institute for Statistics, last year 256.277 tourists visited Srpska, who made 670.231 overnight stays, which is 6.2 percent more arrivals and 6.4 percent more overnight stays compared to the previous year.


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