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Revival of Villages Depends on Women


Rural women make up a quarter of the world’s population, mostly not owning their own property, but are the main workforce in the households.

An example of a successful rural woman is Radenka Tešić, who easily runs a family estate in Tobut, at the foot of Mount Majevica, the municipality of Lopare.

She was among the first in the village to become involved in the work of the Association “Agromajevica”, thanks to which she received a greenhouse, and in addition to arable farming and cattle breeding, she engaged in greenhouse production.

’’A greenhouse is a big investment and I couldn’t afford it from my home budget. It is easier now for me to produce and sell vegetables and thus generate additional revenue. It means a lot to me to have my own money. In addition, I participate in trade shows, establishing business contacts. Also,  it is an opportunity for socializing, because women from the countryside have little time for themselves’’, said Radenka.

Friends are important

’’We jump in to help when harvesting, collecting corn and picking plums. When the winter comes, and there is not so much work to do on the estate, we have more time to ourselves. I gather my neighbors and relatives and bring everything homemade and fresh on the table, mostly the things I myself prepared myself’’, Radenka noted.

The support of loved ones is also very valuable to her.

’’Everything I do is to help my family in having a solid and beautiful life. I’m educating my children. They need to finish their college, but they should also be motivated to stay in the countryside because nowhere is better than in their homeland’’, she said.

17 years ago, one Moldovan woman, Zinaida, arrived in this village. She married for Miljanović family, giving birth to three children.

She took an active part in the life of the village but also showed great skills in agriculture. Among the first, as she says, she planted 2.000 tomato seedlings as well as 1.300 peppers, which is quite unusual for people of Mount Majevica.

’’I took the risk and succeeded. I had as many as five tonnes of tomatoes and sold everything’’, said Zinaida, telling women to do what they love, and success will not fail.

Slavica Prelić from Tobut is also working in agriculture. Every day is a working day. There are no weekends, saints, or vacation. But, she doesn’t complain.

’’We have beautiful nature, clean air and water. We eat healthy food. We have our own vegetables, fruits, dairy products. All without additives, chemistry. It’s not easy, but I’m happy here’’, said Slavica.

Slobodanka – Cica Cacanović from the village of Golo Brdo in Semberija always had her goal. At one time, she was farming with her husband, keeping livestock, always striving for a better life.

They succeeded in establishing a company, which their children took over, and thanks to good organization, understanding and harmony in their home, they are successful.

’’Women in the country must not neglect themselves. Not only to be in the kitchen, greenhouse, barn or a field. They need to go out with their friends, to develop their social life. It’s important that they have a hobby. My hobby is to drive a motorcycle. I sit on it and head for coffee with my friends. It makes me happy’’, said Cica.

The revival of the village depends on the women

Although the position of women in rural areas has improved over time, they still face many problems.

Financial dependency on men, poor economic empowerment and insufficient access to health, education and cultural facilities and other resources, are just some of the most obvious.

Women are a vital factor on which rural revitalization and rural development as a whole depend, and their disadvantage and the problems they face must not be marginalized.




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