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Right-wing party urged to defend LGBT rights


Belgrade Pride Parade will be held on September 18, organizers announced on Tuesday, International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.

At the same time, leader of the Dveri Movement Bosko Obradovic was invited to take part in the parade, and to defend the rights to assembly and the human rights of LGBT persons.

Pride Parade representative Boban Stojanovic told a news conference in Belgrade’s Media Center that a new route has been selected for this year’s parade, one that will go through Belgrade’s central streets, from Slavija Square to Republic Square.

“For the participants it will be important that the parade goes without incidents,” said Stojanovic and noted that the parades last year and in 2014 took place in the presence of a large number of police officers, Beta agency reported.

Stojanovic spoke during a conference dedicated to homophobia in Serbia to say that last year, when the second parade in a row was held, had “historic importance” for Serbia from that point of view, “because the citizens have shown that they can fight for the respect of their rights.”

Stojanovic also pointed out to the changed political circumstances in Serbia, considering that right-wing parties have won seats in parliament, “which can lead to additional problems with the holding of Pride.” Anita Mitic from the Youth Initiative for Human Rights agreed with this observation.

Mitic then invited Bosko Obradovic to publicly, in the National Assembly, defend LGBT population’s right to free assembly.

She noted that after the April election, the Dveri-DSS coalition’s entry into parliament was brought into question and that she was “among the first to come out to the streets to defend democracy and their votes,” adding that this was another reason she was now publicly calling on Obradovic to defend LGBT rights to free assembly.

Mitic and Stojanovic pointed out that many deputies in the new assembly will come from right-wing parliamentarians parties, “and it will therefore be necessary to closely monitor their activities in terms of human rights.”

Stojanovic added that all members of the Assembly of Serbia will be invited to Pride Parade this year, “so that nobody feels left out.”

Sasa Gajin from the Center for Advanced Legal Studies pointed out that “appropriate legislation” is necessary in order to advance the position of LGBT and transgender persons in Serbia, including legalizing same sex marriage.

Source: B92


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