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Rural Tourism is the most developed in Sipovo


A total of 51 rural households, which are offering accommodation services to tourists, are registered in the RS, mostly in the area of Sipovo and near Banja Luka, but the interest for this type of tourism is also recording an increase in other areas as well.

“It is necessary to educate the people on how to engage in rural tourism, because every household in the village has some extra space that can be used for these purposes. It just needs stimulation,” said Predrag Radoja from Sipovo, who has been engaged in rural tourism for about 10 years.

He also said that the guests are mostly foreigners and that they are especially interested in local food.

From the Tourist Organization of the RS noted that an increasing number of tourists is visiting the RS for active vacation, cycling, climbing, hiking, fishing, and thus they chose their accommodation in a rural environment and in the vicinity of attractive areas and locations.

“Considering the geographic position of the RS and its great natural potential, all of its parts are attractive and important for this kind of tourism,” as noted in the Tourist Organization of the RS.

“Area of Sipovo is rich in untouched nature, which offers peace and quiet. There is also a rich local cuisine, which is why they always return here,” as noted from this organization.




Source: sarajevotimes


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