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Russia adopts document on NATO’s 1999 attack against Serbia


Russia has adopted a document on the 20th anniversary of the start of the NATO bombing of the the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro).

Tanjug is reporting on Wednesday, citing Sputnik, that the text states that “the initiators of this crime must be held responsible.”

According to the document adopted by the Federation Council (Upper House) of the Russian Parliament, NATO’s military operation reflected negatively on further development of mutual relations and confidence of European states, while the impunity of those responsible has led to new tragedies: in Syria, Iraq, and Libya.

Unfortunately, the lessons have not been learned, and NATO continued to use military force against other sovereign states – Iraq, Libya and Syria, today threatening Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua with the same.

Russian senators recall that NATO used ammunition filled with depleted uranium in the bombing of Yugoslavia, which caused numerous casualties among civilians.

In addition, the recognition of Kosovo’s independence, which followed in 2008 by a series of western countries, “represented only a continuation of what NATO had begun – support of separatism and conflict in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.”

The Federation Council also claims that the de facto secession of Kosovo and Metohija is a precedent in international relations, which has made it extremely complicated to resolve existing conflicts in cases involving unrecognized states, especially given the fact that the West is acting in a completely opposite manner when it comes to Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine.

It is also added that the NATO military operation was an act of aggression against a sovereign state and that therefore the initiators of this crime should be held accountable.

In this regard, the Council called on parliaments of countries all over the world, as well as international organizations such as the UN, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the OSCE and the European Parliament to condemn NATO’s aggression and take all steps to remedy the consequences.


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