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Russia the most important investor in B&H


According to preliminary data of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the first nine months of last year 411 million KM was recorded in foreign investments and the most important investor was Russia with 190 million KM or 46 percent of total investment.

Besides Russia, the most important investors in B&H are Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Serbia.

The most significant Russian investments in Republika Srpska relate primarily to investments in the Oil Refinery in Brod and one of the largest state-owned banks –Sberbank.

The Director of the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency B&H, Jelica Grujic, finds that B&H cannot be satisfied with the total amount of foreign investments, particularly given the potential for investment which it has, as well as the influx of foreign investments in neighboring countries.

Foreign investors seek safety in people and capital, and clear and enforceable laws and transparency in their application and market competition, added Grujic.

She points out that in Srpska a set of laws and regulations has been adopted, which significantly reduce the procedures, time and cost in the process of registering a company, while it is still waited for a similar set of laws to be adopted in the Federation.



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