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Cvijanovic: Salary increase is implemented on the basis of analysis

Zeljka Cvijanovic

The Prime Minister of Republika Srpska Zeljka Cvijanovic, stated that a salary increase for budget users didn’t occur in the 2013 budget, due to this salaries from July increased by 5 % in comparison to funds planned at the beginning of the year.

Cvijanovic added that despite this increase, all budgetary commitments were regularly carried out, precisely because the increase was realized based on analysis and not speculation. She stated that this will be the case for all subsequent increases.

The gradual improvement of the material position of various categories started with budget users in July and was followed by an increase in pensions in September, which will in January 2014 rise by 7.3% in total, in comparison to January 2013.

The Prime Minister added that the economic policy for the coming year clearly notes courses of action, including the relationship with different categories of society and that the focus is the unburdening of the economy through various measures.

She pointed out that the introduction of income tax allowances for all, the relief of small businesses within the system of fiscalization, the new law on multilateral compensation and cessions, as well as the introduction of the registry for parafiscal levies and other accompanying measures, are significant Government interventions in relieving the economy.

Despite the global crisis, unlike countries in the region,  Republika Srpska didn’t resort to an increase in tax rates or the introduction of a new specific tax, added Cvijanovic.


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