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“Sarajevo doesn’t want to solve case of attack on Vucic”


Serb member of the Bosnian Presidency Mladen Ivanic believes there is “no will in Sarajevo” to solve the case of an attack on Aleksandar Vucic.

The Serbian prime minister was assaulted as he attended the Srebrenica commemoration in July.

Ivanic stressed that, unless the case is investigated, “it would mean as if nothing had happened.”

“It is the obligation of all, especially in the Bosnia-Herzegovina institutions, to insist there are results, and not to let it all end like that,” Ivanic told the Glas Srpske newspaper.

As he said, the reason why there have been no results in the investigation so far is “the lack of interest and the political fear of people from the Bosnian Prosecution to deal with matters in which the Bosniaks (Muslims) are the negative side.”

Ivanic then stated that this was evident in relation to war crimes cases, as well as in the investigation of the attack on Vucic.

The newspaper writes that the main part of the investigation is being conducted by the Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina in cooperation with security agencies in Sarajevo, while there is a parallel probe launched by the Special Prosecutor’s Office and the Interior Ministry of the Serb Republic (RS) – the Serb entity – and that this happened “when they saw, a few days after the attack, that investigators in Sarajevo were not making desirable progress.”

A spokesman for the RS MUP, Milan Salamadija, said that this ministry “did everything that was needed” and sent a report with all the information to the Special Prosecutor’s Office of the RS, who said they were “working to discover the organizers and perpetrators of the attack in Potocari.”

The Banja Luka-based newspaper also said in its report that security circles in Serbia and the RS share the same opinion – that the case could be resolved “had there been the will to do it.”

The article added that Serbia’s Security Information Agency (BIA) stated the Ministry of Security of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Federal Police received information about the perpetrators and the masterminds, but that even a month later no indictment had been raised.

It was also said that all of the attackers came from the Muslim-Croat entity, the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina (FBiH) – “which means the Federal Police should have arrested them while the Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina should have prosecuted them.”

In connection to the case, the Bosnian SIPA agency on July 21 detained, questioned, and then released Tesanj residents Almir Merdic, Fahir Hadzan, Muja Dizdarevic, and Elvedin Himzic.

Source: B92
Photo: Pressrs.ba


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