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Sarajevo politicians blocking everything in BiH


President of Republika Srpska Željka Cvijanović stated Tuesday in Banjaluka that Sarajevo politicians are holding everything in some sort of a blockade by playing various games regarding the /non/formation of authorities at the BiH level and that she is pleased that Srpska is functioning well in all constitutional and other aspects.

“Srpska has its institutions and credibility, it resolves citizens’ problems, and shows it is capable of doing everything Bosnia and Herzegovina isn’t,” said Cvijanović.

She told the press that the situation in which Denis Zvizdić of the SDA will soon perform two functions, BiH Council of Ministers Chairman and BiH House of Representatives Chairman, is ridiculous.

“He will deal with it in a formally different manner, but we have been brought into a situation of not having authorities formed on the basis of election results for so many months. All that is a result of different games, including the election of the new SDA leadership, so we all have to be hostages to such a situation,” asserted Cvijanović.

She reiterated that authorities at the BiH level should be formed and election results implemented.

As for the PDP and SDS’s statements that it is possible to form the Council of Ministers without the SNSD coalition, Cvijanović, who is the SNSD vice-president, says they should form whatever they can and that each party has its own political moves.

Discussing a meeting between SNSD leader Milorad Dodik and his DNS counterpart Marko Pavić, Cvijanović said it was important they maintained good contacts within the coalition which expanded after the 2018 elections.

“It is now a simpler and better situation, but it also means that one must share certain things, obligations and rights with more participants than before,” Cvijanović explained.


Source: srna


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