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Sarajvo not abiding by coordination mechanism


Republika Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic has said that the coordination mechanism is not adequately respected in BiH, even though this mechanism has been agreed and should be fully implemented.

“This mechanism is respected in some areas, and is not respected in some others,” Cvijanovic told reporters in Petrovo when asked about the process of answering to questions from the European Commission’s Questionnaire.

According to her, Republika Srpska gave significant contribution to this process, in keeping with its constitutional competences.

 “I think that there were certain omissions when it comes to answers to the questions, but there are even more problems when it comes to the programming of aid from IPA programs. We have a situation where neither working groups nor Republika Srpska institutions representatives are respected,” Cvijanovic has said.

She has said that people in BiH institutions are working rather independently and are forming some hybrid working groups where Srpska does not have its appropriate representatives, which is why the aid cannot reach places where it is needed.

“When it comes to the Questionnaire, I expect a long procedure after the answers from BiH are reviewed and that the story about the EU will be on a long hold, regardless of the fact that positive signals and messages are being sent from the EU that Brussels counts on BiH,” Cvijanovic has said.

She feels that the EU is burdened by its own problems since there are divisions within it and the struggle for a personal or national identity within some European identity.

“We have counter processes there. People are dedicated to rehabilitation of national or state identities, and to pushing aside a European, collective identity,” says the Republika Srpska Prime Minister.

Essentially, Cvijanovic says, Republika Srpska has never blocked the European integration process.

“We only insist their our constitutional competences are respected, that our institutions are respected, that we have appropriate representatives, and what will happen next, this probably depends more on others than on us,” Cvijanovic has said.

Source: srna


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