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Šarović and SDA ignore electoral will of Srpska citizens


SDS Leader Mirko Šarović, who has called the choice of Republika Srpska citizens “potentially the worst government in BiH,” openly and clearly shows what he thinks of voters in Srpska and their electoral will, SNSD spokesman Radovan Kovačević said.

“Given that he has called the situation in which he alone should leave the Council of Ministers in order to let those who are the choice of Republika Srpska’s citizens, potentially the worst government in BiH history, Mirko Šarović says it all, what he thinks about the citizens of Republika Srpska and shows how much he cares about their opinion and the electoral will of the voters, and thus about Republika Srpska itself,” Kovačević said.

According to him, Šarović fully disclosed his intent when he said that situation as such would most likely remain until the next general elections.

“This is precisely what the SDA and he want – to fully ignore the electoral will of the Republika Srpska citizens and Šarović, although the citizens passed message to him at the elections that they did not want him in any position, to be the one to keep falsely introducing himself as someone who allegedly works in favor of Republika Srpska, but in fact he only works to the detriment of its citizens,” Kovačević said.

Speaking about the worst government in BiH history, Kovačević told Šarović that it definitely was during the past term when the SDS and the PDP participated in the authorities at the BiH level.

“We would like to have them produced some results for Republika Srpska, however the results lacked. Any results of their work were directed against Republika Srpska and its citizens; the most recent example of it is his vote in favor of adopting the performance report by the BiH Higher Education and Quality Assurance Development Agency, which has made numerous negative decisions on the higher education system in Srpska,” Kovačević noted.

He also recalled the involvement of Serb ministers of the past term in campaigns in which Srpska was portrayed in the worst possible way based on their false accusations, and their full omission of Srpska institutions, including the National Assembly and the Government of Srpska.

“They are definitely the worst government in the history of Republika Srpska and BiH, which has caused the most damage to Republika Srpska, both domestically and internationally. The last elections proved it, when the citizens recognized their harmful moves and showed what they were thinking about the SDS and the PDP’s term of office at the BiH level, when they accepted positions they have been usurping for the fifth year, although the losers,” Kovačević said.

He added that the citizens of Srpska politically retired Šarović in both last elections.

“Therefore, since he is dealing with fairy tales and fables, it would be best for him to devote himself to reading them, leaving us, who are the result of the electoral will of the Srpska citizens, to work because the voters saw beyond his fairy tales and his panic fear of the numerous cases lying in the drawers at the BiH Prosecutor’s Office that concern him and his past,” SNSD spokesman emphasized.

Talking about the so-called unblocking of the BiH parliament, which Šarović promotes so much, Kovačević said he had to remind him of what the job of a parliament is, which is to elect the executive power first in line with the peoples’ representation in the parliament, as in all normal countries, and then to continue doing the rest of tasks.

“The SNSD has never been a problem, nor will it be. As far as we are concerned, that job could have been completed a year ago,” concluded SNSD spokesman Radovan Kovačević.


Source: srna


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