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Šarović tasked with spreading enemy propaganda aimed at destroying Srpska


SNSD presidency member Staša Košarac has said that after coming to the helm of the SDS, Mirko Šarović got a task to spread fake news and enemy propaganda with the aim of destroying Republika Srpska.

“By spreading fake news and enemy propaganda, Šarović and a few of his supporters in the SDS, fully supported by the Sarajevo media outlets controlled by foreigners, are intensively working to destroy Republika Srpska and its institutions. The main goal is to install puppet governments in Sarajevo and Banjaluka which would fulfill political and economic interests of certain western countries which assisted in bringing Šarović to the helm of the SDS,” Košarac told SRNA on Monday.

He has said that attacks on Republika Srpska intensified after the leaders of the SNSD, HDZ and the SDA, Milorad Dodik, Dragan Čović and Bakir Izetbegović, respectively, reached an agreement to form a new Council of Ministers and signed principles for the formation of authorities at the level of BiH.

“Šarović and other representatives of the opposition are doing all in their power to spoil this agreement and prevent implementation of the Dayton-based Constitution, laws and election will of the people of Republika Srpska in the joint institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. First, they spread fake news about treason and capitulation, and now, they, just like the US officials, want Dodik to opt for BiH’s further movement towards NATO, which is not going to happen as long as Republika Srpska has its Resolution on Military Neutrality in effect,” stated Košarac.

He pointed out that the agreement signed by Dodik, Čović and Izetbegović was very clear and that no other interpretations or explanations of the agreement were required or possible.

The fact that Šarović, /Dragan/ Mektić and /Igor/ Crnadak are still occupying ministerial seats in Sarajevo, despite the will of Serbs, is the key evidence that there is nothing in the agreement that might be contrary to decisions of Republika Srpska institutions. Everyone is clear about this, except for the SDS, PDP and other sponsors of the two parties,” stated Košarac.

He added that Šarović was using every situation to attack Republika Srpska and its institutions.

“A typical example of spreading fake news and enemy propaganda against Republika Srpska and its institutions is Šarović’s yesterday’s statement that a fire in the enterprise Energoinvest – RAOP in East Sarajevo was planted in order to cover up an alleged political crime. Šarović’s fake statements are flaring up a much bigger fire and causing even greater damage than the one that happened in the enterprise,” warned Košarac.

He noted that the statement was the height of the SDS and Šarović’s hypocrisy.

“Citizens of East Sarajevo know very well that it is exactly the SDS and Mirko Šarović that are directly responsible for unprecedented plunder and ruin of an enormous number of enterprises and the entire business of this city,” said Košarac.


Source: srna


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