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Saša Trivić: Thanks to Government Significant Part of Funds Aimed at Salary Increase


Head of the Union of Republika Srpska Employers’ Associations, Saša Trivić, tells SRNA that, thanks to the Government, a significant part of budget fund has been redirected to workers’ salary increase in the last two years, which made the average April salary in Srpska higher than in the Federation of BiH /FBiH/ for the first time.

Trivić pointed out that Srpska had faced more problems with the labor force in the previous period than FBiH, which was why a lot of work had been done to achieve a significant increase in salaries, with some salaries rising much faster than in FBiH within the last two years.

“Besides that, the Government of Republika Srpska has established an important dialogue with the economy in the last two years and has tried in every possible way to support the growth of salaries in the economy,” Trivić said.

He added that this salary rise continues, even though everything was hit by a huge crisis caused by coronavirus pandemic.

“Now we can see the positive effects of the law defining the refund of taxes to the employer for salary increase,” Trivić emphasized.

According to him, the fact that the Government of Srpska paid the minimum wages and contributions to the workers most affected by the epidemic, was a huge support without which entrepreneurs would not be able to continue functioning normally.

“That is why Republika Srpska, in relation to the region and the number of workers, has the lowest percentage of dismissals,” Trivić mentioned.

Republika Srpska Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship, Vjekoslav Petričević, told SRNA earlier that, thanked to the application of the Law on Incentives in Srpska Economy, the average salary in Srpska is higher than in the Federation of BiH.

“According to published statistics, the average salary in Srpska in April this year was BAM 946 and is by BAM six higher than in FBiH. It was the application of this law, which began on July 1 last year, that affected this result. Once again. I call on entrepreneurs to use the possibilities this law is offering on order to apply on July 1, when the second accounting period begins, for a salary increase for workers in their companies,” said Petričević.


Source: SRNA


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