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Save lives by risking their own: The brave and humane members of the Republika Srpska MUP are honorably wearing uniforms


The leadership of the Republika Srpska Interior Ministry has rewarded 14 police officers who, over the course of the year, have shown bravery, professionalism and humanity, risking their lives to save others.

At a traditional reception, Interior Minister and RS Police Director Darko Culum thanked the police, stating that they were proud that such people were wearing the RS MUP uniform.

– They have shown courage and have shown that they are wearing the RS police officer’s uniform honorably. They rescued people they had never met. Risking their lives, they went into fire, water and rescued citizens – said Lukac.

Acknowledgments were handed out to eight police officers of the East Sarajevo Police Station, who on March 11 rescued two children from an apartment where a fire broke out on the fifth floor of a building in East Ilidza. The team included Dobro Skakavac, Mirza Kahrovic, Radomir Cerovina, Miodrag Boskovic, Nikola Simanic, Denis Koldzic, Aleksandar Cerovina, and Bojan Silj, who passed away in the meantime.

– I am proud to have been part of a team that rescued two children from an apartment in the attic of the building. Everyone made a modest contribution to this, and unfortunately, there is no longer a colleague of ours, Šilja, who has passed away – said Dobro Skakavac.

He explains that upon spotting the fire, they came to the scene to evacuate the building.

– Seeing that the children are in the apartment and that we cannot wait for the fire department, my colleague Kahrovic, the rest of the team and I stormed into the apartment. We organized a chain to deliver four to five fire extinguishers and get through to the kids. In that action, Kahrovic and I were injured, but those injuries are nothing when we know we have managed to save two young lives – said Skakavac.

Police officer Jure Komljen from Ljubija was rewarded for arresting Marko Sabic, who killed policeman Sladenko Tubin at Catholic Easter. Komljen says he was celebrating Easter with his family when he was informed that shots had been heard and that his colleague had been injured.

“Without saying anything to the householders, I took the gun and set off for the intervention. I just told my wife I would be back soon. I started my vehicle and thought about all the possible scenarios – Komljen says.

Upon arrival, he spotted the suspect Sabic outside the house with a rifle in his hands.

– I ordered him to put down his weapon, which he did. For safety, I ordered him to go to the orchard, lie down and put his hands above his head. When I approached him, I realized I had nothing to bind him to. His family members gave me a strike, which I tied him to and imprisoned – Komljen said, adding that Tubina was taken out of the car and handed over to the ambulance, but unfortunately he did not survive.

Acknowledgments were also handed to PS Dervent police officer Dejan Stojanovic, who, along with firefighters, participated in rescuing a woman who tried to kill herself by jumping into a well. Crime police officer Vedran Petrovic from Bijeljina rescued a man from drowning, as did PS Gradiška police officers Miroslav Ristic, Bratislav Zagorac and Radisa Spasic, who jumped into the Sava River on January 13 to rescue the 83-year-old woman.




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