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Schmidt could not amend the criminal code of BiH


The Service for Foreigners’ Affairs of BiH, as a part of the authority at the level of BiH, has clearly stated that Christian Schmidt is not a high representative, therefore could not amend the Criminal Code of BiH, said Ognje Tadić, a lawyer from BiH.

“It is particularly interesting that the German Embassy distanced itself in its statement of just a few weeks ago, claiming that someone from OHR, not from the German Embassy, sought diplomatic status for him,” said Tadić, who is an advisor to the president of Republika Srpska.

According to Tadić, when you sum up everything – it is clear that everything surrounding Christian Schmidt is a bunch of lies and frauds with which they are trying to usurp the position of the high representative, despite the fact that he was not appointed by the UN Security Council.

Head of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs Žarko Laketa said earlier that Christian Schmidt crossed the border crossing when entering BiH as a deputy, i.e. a German diplomat, and not an UN diplomat, awhile his unauthorized activities lead to the collapse of the constitutional order of BiH.

“Since everyone thinks they can act outside the law, every representative of Republika Srpska in the institutions of BiH will be protecting the interests of Srpska and President Milorad Dodik according to the law,” said Laketa.


Source: srna.rs


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