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Scholarships Awarded to the 15 Most Successful Athletes


Banja Luka Mayor Igor Radojičić handed over scholarships today to 15 of the most successful athletes under a new sports development program in the city.

For the second year in a row, the city of Banja Luka has been awarding scholarships for the best athletes, with success being a key criterion.

Banja Luka is the only local community in BiH to introduce this kind of support for athletes.

This year, 15 athletes have been eligible for a sports scholarship, two of which are first-year senior athletes, one international junior class and 12 first-year junior athletes.

– This is a novelty we introduced last year that has received positive reactions from both athletes and the sports public. The first-class athletes – seniors are swimmers Nikola Bjelajac and Mihajlo Ceprkalo, while the international athlete is karate player Anja Lolić – said Radojičić.

He added that the first-ranked athletes are juniors Jovan Rosic / AK “Borac” /, Milica Praštalo / BC “Orlovi” /, Dušan Mackić, / BCK “Vrbas” /, Pavle Dujaković / BC “Energija” /, Marko Kovačić / APK “April 22” /, Sergej Vučić / BC “Energy” /, Sara Mikača / TC “Mladost” /, Vladimir Pandurević / STK “Banja Luka” /, Aleksandra Roljić / AK “Banja Luka” /, Maša Maksimović / Chess School ” The Bouncer “/, Bojan Maksimović / The School of Chess” The Bouncer “/ and Branko Tadić /DžK “Zvijezda”/.

The head of the city’s Department of Education, Health, Youth and Sports, Dragan Banjac, emphasized that these athletes achieved the best results last year.

– The scholarship award is a nice overture to the selection of the city’s closest athletes to be held in February. I believe that this is at least a little help to our athletes and that by constantly caring for them we will contribute to better results – he said.

Banjac expressed hope that this project will survive and that in the coming years there will be even more athletes who will earn a scholarship with their results.

A young chess player from the School of Chess “Skakač” Maša Maksimović thanked on behalf of the athletes, stating that these scholarships would certainly be an additional motive for further work and help the athletes to compete and achieve better results.

– This year I plan to become a female international master and I hope that she will achieve it – said Maksimović.




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