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Sculptures the witnesses of suffering in Stari Brod (PHOTO/VIDEO)


A memorial museum dedicated to Serbian victims of the Ustasha and Nazi regimes was consecrated in Stari Brod, near Višegrad (Republika Srpska).

On 22 March 1942, more than 6,000 Serbs from Bosnia were brutally murdered on the bank of the river Drina as they sought refuge on the other side of the river in Serbia.

During the communist rule, it was forbidden to speak about this event, for the sake of the so-called brotherhood and unity of the peoples of the former Yugoslavia. However, after almost 8 decades, the Serbian victims finally have a monument which will remind us of this horrifying event from World War II so we never allow anything similar to happen ever again.

“I was motivated to give my best in building the monument. The project was the biggest and the most difficult so far, the huge number of faces and bodies which had to have a certain expression were no easy task for sculpting”, said the academic sculptor Bojan Mikulić, who made these sculptures.




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