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Season of joy and fun can start in “Mladen Stojanović” park


By public announcement for this season, the city has granted temporary locations in the park “Mladen Stojanović” for sale of popcorn and entertainment. The season starts on April 16 and will last until October 14.

Popcorn and refreshments will be sold at four places in the park, and the kids will be able to enjoy riding a car, swinging and jumping over the trampoline. A little older and courageous will try to ride a rodeo-bull. The public ad also offered locations for seven amusement park activities. There were no interest in renting slides and cars, and another trampoline from the ad this season. The Rodeo-bull had the most interested ones, given that it had the highest number of offers for him. The offers could be submitted by everyone resident in the city and was not obligatory registered activity.

Checkpoint “BL Bike” was installed recently, where bicycles for city driving can be rented, and the construction of a new trim-track is currently under way.




Source: Voice of Srpska


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