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Seasonal workers can earn up to 500 KM per weekend


Many unemployed B&H citizens will in the coming months have the opportunity to work seasonal jobs. Chefs in particular are highly sought for and have the highest seasonal salaries, earning up to 500 KM over the weekend.

Those with hand skills can find work in construction, as well as the food industry, however these earning are significantly “thinner”, around 40 to 50 KM per job.

Country towns are also seeking fit workers, to plow the fields, however due to a hard financial year farmers aren’t sure they will have the extra funds necessary to pay employees.

When it comes to restaurant owners, they assure there will be plenty of season jobs, especially since spring and summer weekends are overflowing with weddings.

Fruit and vegetable pickers can also earn between 300 and 500 KM a month, while these jobs are particularly popular among students.


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