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Šekovići: New Industrial Zones for Economic Development and Employment


The backbone of the economy of the municipality of Šekovići is the timber industry, which employs more than half of the total number of workers. This highly undeveloped municipality plans to build a new industrial zone in the village of Tišča, which, with the improvement of infrastructure, should stimulate economic growth.

The Šekovići timber industry employs around 350 employees and the two most important factories in this area are export-oriented. The woodworking factory produces massive furniture, dressers, beds, tables and chairs.

– We export our entire production to the western market, Germany and Austria mostly, somewhat slightly Switzerland. We will make over five million marks this year – said the director of the Woodworking Factory, Željko Lazić.

Pellets are increasingly in demand both in the domestic and foreign markets, so the company “Milić pellet” decided to produce this fuel. And they mostly export their products to Western Europe.

– Eco-friendly fuel, unlike some other types of heating, so there is a great demand for pellets, but not everyone can export it, as there are certain standards and qualities that must be respected in order for this product to be placed on the Western European market. We have these standards and certificates – said the head of production “Milić pellet” Sretko Gužvić.

Although Šeković’s budget of KM 4,650,000 is 30 percent higher than last year’s, this is still a highly undeveloped municipality. They plan to encourage new industrial zones, with facilitation for investors, to develop the economy and new employment. They already have interested investors from Hungary.

– A locality has been determined that satisfies the infrastructure of the local community of Tišča. We are awaiting a response from the Government of Republika Srpska as this land belongs to the forests of Republika Srpska. It used to be a huge nursery, now it is overgrown, no one uses it for anything – said the Mayor of Šekovici, Momir Ristić.

The municipal administration also believes that it will soon launch two larger companies – the Marble Factory and the Paint and Varnish Factory, which have been abandoned for years following poor privatization and lengthy litigation. These days, with the sale of the facility to a successful local retail chain, the bankruptcy of a downtown department store has ended.




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