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Selected top 100 products in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Nektar beer “must have” product


According to the research of the prestigious agency “Nielsen”, “Nektar” beer is the favorite beer brand, according to which the most famous product of Banja Luka brewery among the top 100 in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the organization “In Store” magazine, the agency “Nielsen” conducted a survey on a sample of over 400 products for which online retailers voted in the whole RS and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and on Monday the top 100 products were named in ” must have “.

“Another acknowledgment that came to the address of Banja Luka Brewery is the best confirmation that we recognize our efforts to adapt the quality of Nektar beer to the requirements of the market and the needs of consumers. We are especially proud that once again the quality of our most famous brand has been recognized by retailers who are in direct contact with consumers”, said Milka Stanivuković, PR Manager of Banja Luka Brewery.

By the above research, Bosnian merchants selected 100 products that must be found on the shelves of each store and market, among which, besides Nektar beers, are brands such as: Golden Jazz, Jogobelle, ABC Cheese, Vintages, Grand Cafes and others.

The most famous brand of Banjalucka brewery “Nektar” beer is composed of the highest quality raw materials, and its quality is recognized outside the borders of RS, BiH. This is supported by the fact that this brand has won many awards for quality at European and regional fairs, and has been awarded the status of Super brand for the BiH market.




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