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Selimovic: Working together for better economy in BiH


At Johns Hopkins University in Washington at the conference “20 Years after Dayton: Possibilities of Progress in Reform Processes,” Mujo Selimovic, a representative of the private sector, general director of the MIMS group and publisher of Oslobodjenje, said that every government from Dayton to today has made economic reforms a priority, but in reality this hasn’t been the case.

“This can be seen from the results we have today. Problems the private sector faces are completely different from those in the public sector. The private sector is generally perceived wrongly and in the majority of cases faces pressure from the public, corruption, big problems with bureaucracy, and it poses the question of whether the price of dealing with private business is too great.

“Another thing is privatization, which is really negatively presented to the public, no matter whether you’re doing good work or not. However, the fact is that many more people are employed in the private rather than the public sector.

“It is important to show that there are a great number of positive examples of privatization and the process of privatization in BiH must continue. The problems investors in BiH will face are bureaucracy and corruption, there is uncertainty of investment, which also is necessary to change.

“Employment, new projects, combatting the black market, the fight against corruption and bureaucracy will be difficult, but I want to believe that cooperation of the FBiH and RS government will soon bring results, because it is in the interest of all of us. I hope that we will in the future support each other, be equal and work together in the best way for a better economy for BiH,” said Selimovic.

Source: Oslobodjenje


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