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Šeranić: Define financial arrangement of transplantation with Belarus colleagues


The Minister of Health and Social Welfare of Republika Srpska Alen Šeranić invited colleagues from Belarus to visit Republika Srpska and tour the Srpska University Clinical Centre /UCC/, meet with representatives of the Health Insurance Fund and the Solidarity Fund to define financial arrangement of transplant services.

Šeranić said he would be pleased to host colleagues from the Minsk Scientific Practical Centre for Surgery, Transplantation and Hematology in Banja Luka to discuss the possibilities of pre-transplantation preparation and post-transplantation monitoring at UCC, precisely for the benefit of patients so they do not they have to go to Belarus.

“Colleagues from Belarus must discuss this with our experts, to comply with the necessary protocols,” Šeranić told SRNA.

He stated they would also discuss cooperation in the field of intensive treatment, bearing in mind that a center for extracorporeal circulation exists in both Srpska and Belarus.

“To clarify, it is a device substituting the lungs and the heart. I think that scientific and technical cooperation could be achieved in that segment as well. The centre in Banja Luka is extremely active and I believe we are right behind Slovenia when it comes to functionality,” said Šeranić.

He hopes that such centres will be established in other hospitals in Srpska.

“The next one could be the new hospital in Doboj, where we had to redesign activities and do additional work when it comes to preparing this segment of health care,” Šeranić pointed out.


Source: srna.rs


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