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Šeranić: Reducing the VAT on Medicines is a matter for State Institutions


The Minister of Health and Social Protection of Republika Srpska, Alen Šeranić, said that the ministry under his leadership considered reducing the margin for medicines, and that the initiative to lower the VAT on medicines was forwarded to the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I think that the Ministry of Trade made such a decision regarding the retail margin. This is something that the Government of the Republika Srpska accepted through the decree of the Ministry of Trade,” said Šeranić.

He stated that it is necessary to discuss these initiatives, but also that it should be borne in mind that every proposal regarding the reduction of VAT requires a certain compensation for it.

“There were certain initiatives that said previously that if the VAT on medicines were to be reduced, then the VAT on luxury goods should be increased so that the level of the ratio of payments to the budget itself would be the same,” said Šeranić.

Speaking about the creation of the social card, Šeranić said that these activities are currently being led by the Ministry of Scientific and Technological Development and Higher Education of the Republika Srpska, which is preparing an adequate register in connection with all payments coming from the budget.

Šeranić said that the Ministry of Health has been actively working on the human resources plan for the last six months, asking all RS health institutions to submit data for the next five years when it comes to the retirement of medical doctors and medical technicians.

He stated that the opening of additional educational centers for family medicine in the Republika Srpska is planned in order to facilitate specialization in this area, Srna reports.


Source: sarajevotimes.com


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