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Šeranić: The coronavirus is still here, and it will be here in October


The Minister of Health and Social Protection of the Republic of Srpska, Alen Šeranić, said that the coronavirus is still present, that it will be present in October, but that it is not known what its intensity will be and what its virulence will be in that period.

– What is certainly good is that the number of infected in this period in the Republic of Srpska has not increased and we do not have many people placed in hospitals that need hospital care. If we have such a situation in October, it will certainly be much more bearable – pointed out Šeranić.

He stated that there will be a seasonal flu again in October, and added that these two respiratory viruses, which are transmitted in an identical way, will pose a serious threat to the organization of the system.

– That is why we need to prepare as individuals even now, but also to prepare the health system for the organization and manner of work in October, because there will be the possibility of certain restrictions – said Šeranić for the Croatian “Večernji list”, edition for BiH.

He reiterated that the measures for individuals prescribed by the competent institutions in connection with the coronavirus did not subside, and appealed that masks continue to be worn indoors, take into account the number of people who gather, and keep social distance.




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