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Šeranić: The vaccine, the key response to the virus, will be available in our country as well


There is a lot of talk about the vaccine, the information I have from the WHO is that it takes 12 to 18 months for any vaccine. We will see which company will offer the vaccine first, and what effect it will have, and that is the key answer in everything, emphasized Alen Šeranić, the Minister of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Srpska, as a guest on the show Telering.

– It will absolutely be available with us as well. The money will be found for that, so the thesis that only “rich” countries will be able to use it, is far from the truth – Šeranić emphasized.

According to Šeranić, the coronavirus will not leave the “scene” quickly.

– I have been cooperating with the World Health Organization for 13 years, and it was to be expected that something like this would happen to us, it was just a question of when. I think that in a year – two coronaviruses will be routine, when we know everything about him – said Šeranić as a guest on the show Telering.

He also touched on the knowledge about the treatment of the virus.

– We know how to treat corona, about a cocktail of drugs that have proven to be good at the time. We have seen how it affects different groups. Who has what symptoms, and how and in what way it is transmitted. However, there are still many unknowns. Mostly treatment with milder symptoms involves the so-called. support therapy, while in the later stages antivirals are used, which have not yet been officially proven for treatment, but they definitely help – points out Šeranić.

The Minister of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Srpska emphasizes that individually everyone suffered differently from the worst deaths to those who almost did not feel the virus.

– It’s a big unknown to all of us. The first wave has not yet passed. We cannot eradicate the virus crown and it will always be with us in the community. There will be periods of more or less infected people, depending on how the citizens will adhere to the measures. If we are irresponsible, that the virus walks from person to person, we will have more infected. The population must know: “He attacks everyone, he can infect anyone, there are no exceptions” – pointed out Šeranić.

When asked whether the coronavirus was created artificially, Šeranić had a clear answer.

– I do not care. When you enter the COVID department, it doesn’t matter whether it was artificial or natural. My personal opinion is that he came naturally – he pointed out.

According to him, the Ministry made an assessment of the situation in mid-February and defined four possible phases, which we went through.

– The first phase was that there was no virus, the second was a single intake. The third phase concerned hotspots and the fourth transmission of the virus in the community. When you have a virus in the community, you have two solutions. To dedicate yourself to people within the community, which is the primary goal, or to close the borders, but how useful they are when you already have the virus in the community, is a big question – said Šeranić, explaining that Croatia’s closing borders for BiH are their assessment, because have a large increase in infections in the last few days.

Šeranić pointed out that schools are expected to work in normal conditions in September.

– It is not our intention to close schools. Local communities will take certain measures. Here is an example. If a hot spot appears e.g. at a school in East Dravar, why would they close a school in Bratunac or vice versa? This includes kindergartens, penitentiary institutions, health centers, or homes for the elderly – Šeranić emphasized.

He also referred to the story of whether there were criminal acts in the procurement of respirators and medical equipment, categorically rejecting such a possibility.

– In the Republic of Srpska, there are no criminal acts in the procurement of respirators and medical equipment. Whether some respirators are more expensive is paid, but the price is dictated by the market at a given moment. You must know that the European Union closed the borders for medical equipment in mid-March, and at that time in Spain, you have 570 dead in one day, or in Italy 780 when they are placed in plastic bags. Take into account the given circumstances, transport, and everything that happened in those days, and only then look at everything – said Alen Šeranić in the show Telering.

In the end, he praised the medical workers throughout the Republic of Srpska.

– I am very satisfied with the work of medical workers. You need to know that these people also fear for their lives, and those of their loved ones and they did their job professionally in those circumstances. Of course, there were omissions, but when you see how the health systems in the world functioned, ours was almost flawless – concluded Šeranić.




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