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Serb-Hunting Continues


Emil Vlajki, the former Vice President of Republika Srpska, has said that the BiH Court continues with Serb – hunting while the “Serb patriots in BiH institutions remain silent.”
Vlajki has said that “legally to repressive institutional system, a new social entertainment in BiH – Serb -hunting in Republika Srpska has been introduced within two decades of the Serb people demonization.”

“Several Serbs accused of alleged or actual war crimes are arrested daily in this area. Prisons are already full of Serbs convicted by the BiH Court. The court officials do not hide their cynical delight on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of this institution, which exists nowhere in the Dayton Agreement,” stated Vlajki.

Citing the outcomes of the Court’s performance, which handed down 154 first instance verdicts for 240 persons, 137 second-instance verdicts for 215 persons and 8 third instance verdicts in 10 years, as well as the fact that the War Crimes Department handed down 2,008 years imprisonment, he stressed that neither the ICTY recordered such outcomes in 20 years.

“Here, a piece of informatio is missing – 75 percent of the prison sentences, or approximately 1,500 years imprisonment, refers to the Serbs, 16 percent to the Croats and 9 percent to the Bosniaks in the context of such morbidly expressed (self) satisfaction,” said Vlajki, who heads non-parliamentary Party of Economic And Social Justice.

Vlajki, assessing that the crime must be punished, said it hurts when the punishment is one-sided.

He added that the families of the Serb victims of the Dobrovoljacka Street, Tuzla, Skelani, Bratunac, Kravica, Cemerno, Podrinje, Sarajevo, Pofalici crimes, whose perpetrators have never been prosecuted, know it best.

Vlajki also noted that at least 2,500 Serb civilians were murdered in Sarajevo according to the testimonies of the wartime HQ of the so-called Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“While the Serb-hunting continues around-the-clock, the`Serb patriots` in the BiH institutions remain silent as the grave. In fact, they do not remain silent, but proudly point to the `exceptional outcomes` achieved by the BiH Court destroying, primarily, their own people,” says Vlajki.

Source: SRNA


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