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Serb member of Bosnian presidency criticizes Nikolic


Mladen Ivanic says Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic’s support for RS President Milorad Dodik is “completely inappropriate.”

Ivanic, who is the Serb member of the Bosnian Presidency and leader of an opposition party from the Serb entity (RS) in Bosnia-Herzegovina spoke for Sarajevo-based newspaper Dnevni Avaz.

He said Nikolic’s recent statements “effectively meant the taking of one side and some kind of arbitration in relations between political parties in Bosnia-Herzegovina.”

“My message when I speak with him (Nikolic) will be: do not interfere in our internal situation, it is our business, and we will not interfere in your internal situation because that’s your business,” said Ivanic, according to Croatia’s Hina news agency.

Ivanic is this way reacted to Nikolic’s statement about “a secret plan” to topple Dodik – one he said was created by the international community with the support of opposition parties – a statement that, it has been reported, “meant he gave his unequivocal support to Dodik.”

The agency added that Ivanic’s “message to Nikolic” was also that “Belgrade’s support for Dodik must not be equated with the support for the Serb Republic (RS).”

“Dodik is what the RS should be linked with least of all,” said Ivanic.

He added that opposition parties in the RS can stand with the government on key issues of national interest but with not work with it “in crime, corruption and economic destruction of the RS – precisely what characterizes Dodik’s rule.”

Source: B92


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