Serbia and Srpska Mark the Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag


    Republic of Srpska and Serbia are celebrating a joint holiday – the Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom, and the National Flag.

    This holiday is being marked on the anniversary of the breakthrough of the Thessaloniki Front, and the Ceremonial Academy “Praise to the Serbian People” will be held on the plateau in front of the Church of Christ the Savior in Banja Luka.

    The program will feature actors from Banja Luka and Belgrade who will speak a text from the drama “Thessalonians Speak” by the recently deceased journalist and publicist Antonio Đurić, members of the Belgrade National Theater Orchestra, the Police Orchestra of the Serbian Interior Ministry, and the Banja Luka City Tamburitza Orchestra.

    You can follow the academy, which starts at 8 pm, on the program, and the RTRS portal.

    In accordance with the name of the holiday, the streets of Banja Luka are decorated with the flags of Srpska and Serbia.

    Flags are also displayed on the buildings of all republic and local institutions.






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