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Serbia: Orders for Miloš Zemen and Peter Handke


Tomorrow, President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić will award a series of the highest national Orders on the occasion of the statehood of Serbia – Sretenja, and among those honored are Czech President Miloš Zeman and Nobel laureate Peter Handke.

Zeman, to which the Serbian public is sympathetic to its stance on proclaiming Kosovo’s self-proclaimed independence, will be awarded the Order of the Republic on the Ribbon, Večernje Novosti reports.

Handke and last surviving member of the “Serbian Seven”, who worked on the “Apolo” program, David Vujović, will receive the Order of Karađorđe’s first-degree stars, while the same recognition will be given to a US-American bioengineer – professor of biomedical engineering and medical sciences at Columbia University in New York Gordana Vunjak Novaković.

Karađorđe’s third-degree Order goes to urologist academician Jovan Hadža Đokic and vascular surgeon Lazar Davidović, who is a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

The Order of first degree is awarded to the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, which this year marks the 100th anniversary of its founding, academician Dušan Kovačević, the Radnički Sports Society and the Orthodox Christian Sisterhood of Saint Lydia from Asprovalta, Greece.

The Order of the second degree will receive two high schools, from Leskovac and from Belgrade, and the same recognition of the third degree will go to Politika’s Entertainer, Safe Home for Women Victims of Domestic Violence, then Milovan Vitezović and Đorđe Kadijević for the series “Vuk Karadžić”.

The same recognition will be given to the newspaper “Jedinstvo” from Kosovo and Metohija, with a tradition of 75 years, then the Cultural and Art Society “Gradimir”, Belgrade Historical Archive, which also marks 75 years of work, Scientific Institute of Veterinary Medicine “Novi Sad”, National Museum in Leskovac and renowned archaeologist Marko Popović.

Honorary consuls of Serbia in Osaka Naohide Uejama, the Republic of Cyprus Kipros Ilijadis and Cephalonia Viktor Ruhotas are on the list for the Order of the Serbian Flag of the third degree.

The Order of the White Eagle with Swords – First Degree goes into the hands of the Fifth Battalion of the Military Police of the Army of the Land Army of Serbia.

The military high school will be awarded the same order, but of the third degree.

Gold medal for bravery “Miloš Obilić” goes to the chest of professors from Velika Plana Slavoljub Stojadinović and En Pešić.

Among the winners of the gold medals for merit are the President of Thessaloniki Memorial Anri Lakaj, actress Mira Banjac, composer Radoslav Grajić, tennis coach Nikola Pilić, RTS journalist and author of the movie “War Stories from Baskets” Slađana Zarić.

This national award will also be posthumously awarded to singer Šaban Šaulić.





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