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Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro sign border protocol


Representatives of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, and Montenegro have signed a protocol on the establishment of a three-border border point between them.

The signatories said this was done for the sake of current and future generations – in order to allow free movement ofcitizens in accordance with international law.

The protocol was signed in Sarajevo on Wednesday by the Minister of Civil Affairs of Bosnia-Herzegovina Adil Osmanovic, State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior of Montenegro Dragan Pejanovic and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Veljko Odalovic.

Odalovic said that Serbia is absolutely placing priority on resolving regional issues.

Osmanovic said that the signing of the protocol is meant to strengthening mutual cooperation and respecting between the three countries.

When asked about the controversial points on the border between BiH and Serbia, Osmanovic said that these were four: the Hydroelectric Power Plant Zvornik, the Hydroelectric Power Plant Bajina Basta, along the Belgrade-Bar railway, and in the Priboj Municipality.

“The position of BiH is to sign a border agreement first, and then approach possible interventions and resolve disputes,” Osmanovic said.


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