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Serbia has donated more than three Million Euros to Banja Luka


”The Serbian government has paid more than three million euros to the city’s account for projects in the Banja Luka area, ” Drasko Stanivukovic, the mayor of the city on the Vrbas, said atyesterday’s press conference.

He thanked the fraternal people in Serbia.

“Over three million euros were agreed on the City Day in April. These funds will be used to implement projects for the construction of a school in Ada, an athletics trail, and the largest city park. Apart from the free parking for all registered cars from Serbia, we will try to repay them in some other way as well,” explained Stanivukovic.

As for the conditions of the parliamentary majority regarding the payment of full compensation for puerperas, othey will not come to the session on Wednesday, Stanivukovic answers that he will fulfill everything.

“I can’t believe that we have some Banja Luka councilors who still want to block their city. Enough of blockades, our people have had it enough. We wanted to give puerperas twice as much and more money and most of them want to have it now and on one occasion only. It is their request, then let the puerperasreceive less money, ” Stanivukovic stressed.

Further, he added that the adoption of the budget and the rebalance of the budget of the city of Banja Luka are strategic documents that must be adopted.

“We will see what they will do now until Wednesday as an excuse not to come to the Assembly session. They wanted to give a million to the puerperas, we give them more, but that is not right. To date, we have only one amendment to the city budget for next year, from the United Srpska (Ujedinjena Srpska). They have no proposals at all, no suggestions, their only policy is a blockade, ” Stanivukovic emphasized.


Source: sarajevotimes.com


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