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Serbia has voted – it is known what the Parliament will look like


The Republic Election Commission (REC) announced the results of yesterday’s elections in Serbia based on 7,561 out of 8,273 polling stations processed.

The electoral list of Aleksandar Vučić – Serbia must not stop has the absolute majority, which won 46.99 percent of the votes, i.e. 131 mandates.

The Serbia Against Violence list won 23.18 percent of the vote, or 65 mandates.

Socialist Party of Serbia – 6.62, more precisely 18 mandates.

The Nada for Serbia electoral list has 4.99 percent, or more precisely, 13 mandates.

The list “We – the voice of the people – Branimir Nestorović” – 4.66, i.e. 13 mandates.

Of the minority lists, the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians is expected to have 6 mandates, the coalition of the Justice and Reconciliation Party and the Democratic Union of Croats in Vojvodina three mandates, Sulejman Ugljanin’s SDA two mandates and Šaip Kamberi’s list – one mandate.


Source: b92.net


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