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Serbia is dedicated to Peace and does not determine the Policy of other Countries


Minister of Defense of Serbia, Aleksandar Vulin, yesterday visited Sarajevo and stated that the Republic of Serbia is absolutely dedicated to peace and that a stable, strong, successful and peaceful BiH, where people feel good, is in its best interest.

Vulin led a delegation of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia, which attended the meeting with the Minister of Defense of BiH Marina Pendes and the highest representatives of the Ministry and the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of BiH.

After the meeting, Minister Pendes stated that the visit of Minister of Defense of Serbia represents an indication of the commitment of two countries and two ministries for good mutual cooperation.

The Plan of activities and everything that we have planned for 2017 is almost completely done, considering the fact that we put the focus of next year’s activities on better cooperation in the sector of education and exchange of officers, but we will also focus on better cooperation regarding the response to natural disasters and accidents,” stated Minister Pendes.

She also noted that their joint conclusion after the visit of the Serbian delegation was that peace and stability in this part of South East Europe are goals of both of our countries.

The Minister of Defense of Serbia Aleksandar Vulin stated that stable, strong, successful and peaceful BiH is in the best interest of his country.

“BiH in which people and nations feel good and that develops. Our two ministries have a lot of space for cooperation. We agreed that we should have a common response regarding elementary catastrophes that affect the entire region, that it is good that we are participating in peacekeeping missions together and that we have to pay attention to the migration crisis that could endanger both the Republic of Serbia and BiH, and to also take care of all the asymmetric threats that are endangering today’s world,” stated Vulin.

He also noted that his country “is absolutely dedicated to peace and, as a key country in the region, it is a guarantor of peace”.

Vulin invited Pendes to pay a visit to Serbia, and he also announced the signing of bilateral agreements in the field of military cooperation soon.


Source: sarajevotimes


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