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Serbia: Visit of Albanian PM postponed for Nov. 10


The official visit of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, scheduled originally for October 22, has been postponed for November 10.

This has been announced by the Serbian government.

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić spoke on Sunday on the phone with Rama and a statement said that they “agreed that incidents at the stadium in Belgrade during the Serbia-Albania football game were in their essence very unfortunate.”

The game last Tuesday was abandoned after a small remotely operated craft carrying a Greater Albania map was flown above the pitch, causing unrest.

“There are still obvious disagreements about how the incident occurred, but we must not and we will not miss the opportunity to meet and work on maintaining regional stability,” Vučić and Rama were quoted as saying.

They also said that it was “time to turn a new page in political and economic relations,” and that it was “necessary to continue the dialogue and process stated in Berlin on August 28, because it will enable improvement of relations between the two countries, the region and the whole Europe.”

On Friday, Rama took to Twitter and posted that “A normal Serbia will be possible if a realistic Serbia realizes that their nightmare of a Greater Albania is not our project!”

The Greater Albania map flown last week at the stadium in Belgrade showed Albania expanded to include territories of its neighboring countries: Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, and Montenegro.

Vučić shortly afterwards posted a tweet of his own: “People who say that a Greater Albania is our nightmare are absolutely right. But it’s not only our nightmare, it’s a nightmare for Europe, for the whole humankind, and we will do what we can to prevent it. We hope that normal Albanians will understand this message.”

According to media reports after their conversation on Sunday Vučić commented on the planned visit of Rama to Belgrade by saying that “problems should be solved through talks,” but that “Serbia does not allow anyone to humiliate its state and its people.”

The Blic daily also said that Rama stated he was “looking forward to a future visit of Vučuč to Tirana,” while “Germany and German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conversation with Vučić” over the weekend is said to have played “a big role in the agreement of the two prime ministers.”

A source from the Serbian government was quoted as saying that the fact the visit was postponed for several weeks was the consequence of “a firm stance of the Serbian government” that it will “not allow any humiliations.”

source: Tanjug


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