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Serbia wants to question Nigerian doctor who accused Thaci


The Serbian War Crimes Prosecution has send a request to Nigeria’s authorities to interview Philip Njemanze.

Njemanze, who heads a Nigerian medical association, has accused a local governor and billionaire, and Kosovo Foreign Minister Hashim Thaci, among others, of involvement in human organ trafficking.

The request was sent in line with the Law on International Legal Aid via the Serbian Justice Ministry, the prosecution said in a statement on Thursday.

In this way, a process has been launched that will enable for the questioning of persons who may have information about the trade in human organs in Kosovo and Metohija and northern Albania, it has been stated.

The prosecution has so far interviewed 160 witnesses in that case.

In cooperation with the EULEX Special Investigative Task Force and with the support of Serbia’s institutions. “more than 200 witnesses have been interviewed in the area of Serbia,” Tanjug said.

The Task Force is investigating crimes committed by the KLA (“Kosovo Liberation Army”) in Kosovo and Metohija from 1998 until 2000, and these investigations will have their epilogue “in the recently formed court for the KLA in The Hague,” according to the report.

Source: B92


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