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Serbia will always be strong Srpska’s backbone


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Viskovic have talked about concrete joint infrastructure and energy projects in Belgrade, stressing that Serbia is also a strong Srpska’s backbone.

Viskovic has said he was looking forward to rich and intensive cooperation with Vucic and the Government of Serbia, with which he expects a new joint session soon, announced the Press Service of the Serbian President.

He has pointed out that “Vucic is the first president of Serbia to move from words to deeds” because he fulfilled his promises and helped building various facilities and infrastructure projects in Republika Srpska and the Federation of BiH.

Viskovic has thanked Serbia for its assistance so far and has said that he is looking forward to every success in Serbia, as strong Serbia is Srpska’s strong backbone.

Vucic has wished Viskovic a lot of success in his responsible position, being convinced that he will be working devotedly to provide the Republika Srpska citizens with progress and prosperity.

Vucic has said that Serbia, as a true friend and trusted partner, will always be a Republika Srpska’s strong backbone.

“With respect to the Dayton Accord, Serbia will always support various infrastructure and other projects in Republika Srpska, as well as mutual work on fostering our cultural and spiritual ties,” Vucic has emphasized.

He has said that, due to economic prosperity and the realization of joint plans, it is most important to preserve peace and stability in Republika Srpska and BiH.


Source: srna


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