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Serbian doctor became a millionaire overnight: He saves the world from the coronavirus


Professor Ratko Đukanović (65), one of the world’s best experts on asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, together with two of his colleagues from the University of Southampton, made a great discovery in the treatment of patients infected with the coronavirus.

Serbian expert and professors Stephen Holgate and Donna Davis discovered 20 years ago that the interferon beta protein that helps with colds is lacking in those who suffer from asthma and chronic lung diseases. Based on that, their company “Synairgen” developed its replacement that helps patients with viral diseases.

A clinical study of their drug SNG001, based on interferon beta, was completed a few days ago and showed that patients infected with the coronavirus have two to three times higher chances of recovery with this therapy than with placebo. In a sample of 101 patients, it was determined that the chances of developing a severe form of the disease are reduced by 79%, while the feeling of loss of breath is also drastically reduced.

Synairgen CEO Richard Marsden is overjoyed with the results.

“There’s nothing better for them than seeing their drug treat real patients while making money,” Marsden said after his company’s shares jumped 540 percent a few hours after the July 21 study was released.

Since the beginning of the year, the value of these shares has increased by an incredible 3,000 percent.

Since all three scientists have a share in the company, they practically became millionaires overnight, so 0.56 percent of Dr. Djukanovic’s shares are now worth 1.6 million pounds (about 1.75 million euros).

The clinical study was extended to patients with a milder form of the disease, while the pharmaceutical company “Rentschler” was ordered to produce a million doses before the next wave of the epidemic, which is expected in the UK for the winter.




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