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Serbian Oscar Nominee “Dara From Jasenovac”


The film “Dara in Jasenovac”, directed by Predrag Antonijević, is in the race for the Oscar in the category of the best international film, the Film Center of Serbia (FCS) announced.

This was decided by a commission consisting of a member of the American Academy of Film Arts and Sciences, a member of the commission according to the proposal of the FCS Dobrivoje Tanasijević – Dan Tana, Miroslav Lekić on behalf of the Association of Film Artists of Serbia, Ivan Kronja and Tanja Bošković according to the proposal of the Academy of Film Arts and Science Of Serbia, Sandra Perović on behalf of the FCS Management Board, Dara Đokić on behalf of the Association of Film Actors of Serbia and Dejan Lutkić on the proposal of the FCS.

The explanation of the commission states that the selected film is an emotionally strong drama that deals with historical trauma, offering above all respect for the victims.

The members of the commission pointed out the high artistic quality of the film, excellent directing, sharp script, photography that contributes to the visual poetics of the film, music, scenography, and costume, as well as the expressive acting achieved in this “ensemble film”, especially when it comes to female characters.

– Appreciating, above all, the quality of the film, and having in mind the importance of the topic it deals with, the commission is very pleased to choose the film “Dara in Jasenovac” as the Serbian candidate for the “Oscar” award – it is stated in the explanation.

The films “Father” by Srdan Golubović, “Name of the People” by Darko Bajić, “Weekend with Dad” by Miroslav Momčilović, “My Morning Laughter” by Marko Đorđević, “Leeches” by Dragan Marinković, and “Real Story” by Gordan Kičić, were also in the competition.




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