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Serbian Patriarch Irinej reposed in the Lord


The patriarch’s condition suddenly worsened yesterday, Thursday. He was tested positive for coronavirus on November 4, and the next day he was hospitalized at the Military Hospital in Karaburma.

The patriarch was in an extremely difficult condition yesterday and was connected to devices for maintaining the work of vital organs.

The Serbian Orthodox Church announced on its website on Thursday that the condition of the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church has worsened, and that in addition to Serbian doctors, Russians are also taking care of his health.

So far, there has been information related to the patriarch’s health condition, one of them was that his condition had worsened, and then, the doctor’s council concluded on Tuesday, after reviewing the general condition of the treatment so far, that the treatment measures now implemented have led to the stabilization of chronic heart failure.

However, the situation changed and the patriarch’s blood oxygen level dropped, and his condition worsened.

The Serbian patriarch was 90 years old.

Serbian Orthodox Church published a statement on the patriarch’s death:

“The Archbishop of Peć, Metropolitan of Belgrade-Karlovci and Serbian Patriarch (Gavrilovic) reposed in the Lord in the Military Covid Hospital “Karaburma” in Belgrade, on Friday, November 20, 2020, at 7:07 AM.

All other details regarding the funeral of His Holiness the Patriarch will be announced soon. Eternal memory and the Kingdom of Heaven!”




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