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Serbian PM denies he supported Hillary


Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic says “the path of the EU” is best for his country, while maintaining “best relations with Russia, China and the U.S..”
According to Vucic, we are witnessing the creation of “a new balance in the world,” while his government’s foreign policy has been “thought out and responsible.”

“We are small to be standing up to the world’s elites, but that’s why we’ve built the best relations with China in Europe, they have trust only is us to that degree,” said Vucic, adding that Serbia has also been able to maintain very good relations with Russia “despite the fact that our partners cannot understand why we have such a relationship with Russia.”

Vucic said that “the changing of the elites” is taking place in the world now, and that these are no longer political, but “social elites.”

According to Vucic, “some moves of (U.S. President-elect) Donald Trump are important – such as the fact his first telephone conversation after the elections was with Marine le Pen, and the fact he said he didn’t care that CNN was attacking him 24/7.”

With this, Vucic went on, Trup “opened a new type of process that changes things and gives hope to another part of the world that it is possible for things to be different.”

“Putin and China, which changes the balance of power, have also participated in that,” he said.

Vucic recalled that he was criticized when he brought Rudy Giuliani to Belgrade, “and now, when Trump has won, they are saying that Vucic supported Hillary Clinton, although he did not.”

Instead, Vucic said, he in September took part in a Clinton Institute even as a guest, “where he protected the interests of Serbia.”

“I did not publicly endorse Hillary Clinton, that I took part in a forum does not mean that I supported her,” said Vucic, adding that he would attend the event again if invited.

As for his political opponents, he said they were “very nervous and unable to prove themselves with their ideas,” while “unfortunately, even (Vojislav) Seselj is less nervous than they are.”

Speaking for the Belgrade-based Happy TV broadcaster, Vucic also observed that “foreign diplomats in Serbia must start to wean themselves off interfering in the internal affairs of Serbia.”

“Here, the people will decide about their future, and I will not be fulfilling the tasks of foreign embassies,” Vucic said.

“I want to talk to them, hear them, listen to them, but I will not fulfill their orders,” the prime minister said.

Source: Tanjug


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