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Serbian president-elect receives message from Trump


Aleksandar Vucic received on Thursday US Ambassador to Serbia Kyle Scott, who delivered the congratulatory message from US President Donald Trump.
The message concerned Vucic’s victory in Serbia’s presidential election, and read as follows – according to the Serbian government:

“Please accept my warmest congratulations on your election as president of Serbia. Your election comes at a crucial moment for Serbia, and I look forward to further enhancing the partnership between our countries.”

“I am pleased that we will have the opportunity to work together on our shared priorities, in particular to further strengthen our bilateral and economic ties, as well as to advance Serbia’s European integration, normalization of relations with Kosovo, and regional reconciliation,” the message continued, and added:

“We continue to support Serbia’s efforts to strengthen the rule of law, modernize its economy, and serve as a pillar of stability in the Western Balkans region. There are also outstanding issues in our bilateral relationship that can only be resolved through the sustained engagement of Serbia’s leaders at the highest level.”

“The future holds both challenges and opportunities. As we celebrate the 135th anniversary of our bilateral diplomatic relations, let us work together to advance shared goals, promote global stability, and achieve peace and prosperity,” Trump’s message, as delivered to Vucic on Thursday by Scott, said.

Source: B92


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