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Serbian Representatives in Joint Institutions on Next Steps


Serbian representatives working in BiH’s joint institutions will meet at the Serbian Government Headquarters in East Sarajevo, Serb Presidency Member Milorad Dodik confirmed.

– Further steps will be considered regarding non-participation in decision-making at the lower BiH authorities. The constitutional right of Serbian representatives is to vote in favor and against, but to remain in BiH institutions – Dodik says.

He announced that the SNSD, together with the Serbian and the HDZ BiH Club in the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly, will, today and no later than tomorrow, submit to the parliamentary procedure a draft law on the Constitutional Court, which implies the termination of the foreign mandate and the election of domestic judges in the Constitutional Court. Under this proposal, the Presidency would elect three domestic judges, and the Parliamentary Assembly would confirm them. The choice of the six remainings would remain as it has been.

Dodik called on Croatian Presidency member Željko Komšić to resign over silence on a letter from the President of the European Court of Human Rights requesting an opinion from the Presidency regarding the appointment of a foreign judge in the Constitutional Court of BiH.



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